Molds, Transoms, Bottom and Sides

I didn't want to spend a fortune on timber and had decided to fully paint the cradle. So I've elected to use MDF sheet (some people call it Craftwood) through out. The first step was to build the molds. I also made the molds from MDF sheet.

The next step was cut out the transoms and mount them on the molds. I then had shaped the side and bottom bevels on both transoms. I'd not worked with MDF sheet like this before. I was pleasntly suprised at how well it hand planed.

The next step was to fix the bottom. The bottom is made of two laminates. The photo shows the gluing of the second sheet. I used all the clamps I had and also some nice strong pegs. After the glue had cured I had to fair the edges of the bottom so the sides would land on a flat. I used a narrow sheet of three ply to act as a batten to check the angles.

The next step was to fit the sides. The book tells you how to do this on your own but recommends help. With the stiff MDF sheet I had I really needed Tracey to help. It was all glued and screwed. I wasn't confident that the shape given in the plan was going to fit properly so I left the sheet long in all directions. After the glue had cured I faired the sides at the bottom and transoms. Then the fun part of removing the cradle from the molds.

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