Rockers and Paint

The next step was to cut out and fit the rockers. I elected to use the heart detail in the rocker. I also elected to have the rockers vertical instead of perpendicular to the bottom. Getting the rocker bevel right was a little tricky but it seemed to work out well.

The last building step was to install the floor. I used some cardboard sheet to get the approximate shape. I roughed out the floor and then carefully hand planned it fit.

To fill up all the temporary fastening holes I took my brothers advice and have used a non-shrink car body filler. Then sanded the whole cradle.

All that was left was for Tracey and I to agree on a colour. Since we didn't know the sex of our baby this was a little tricky. We selected what we thought was from the nice neutral purple range. As you can see it turned out more blue than purple. Now everybody thinks we know we are having a boy. But really we have no idea.

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