Step X - Fabric to hull

I'm having a little trouble getting time on my boat at the moment. We just purchased our first house. There is lots to do and we are preparing for some major renovations. Our renovations include a spare garage and workshop area for me and my boat. Until that is done the boat is under the house where I've only got 5 feet of head room. Progress is slow but I'm getting there.

I decided take the advice of the people from Pacific Boatcraft and wrap the hull in a fabric. I'm doing this for some increased toughness rather than strength. I was worried the cedar planking would be too easily damaged. Again on the recommendation of Pacific Boatcraft I'm using Dynel for the fabric. This is a much more time consuming process than I expected.

Colin helped me apply the Dynel (using the Boatcoat epoxy) to the hull. I've then applied a couple of coats of a waterbased high build epoxy (aquacoat, again from Pacific Boatcraft) to fill up the fabric. I wasn't happy with finish in many places so I've gone over the whole hull with Boatcoat. It has come up pretty well.

I have not done any spray painting so I got Colin to do that for me. I masked off all the sections to be clear finished then Colin applied the five coats of a white poylurethane for me.

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