Step VIII - Frames and Guardrails

The next job is to install the frames. The frames give the hull its stiffness.

This is a rather time consuming activity. I started cutting them out with the jig saw but it wouldn't cut vertical enough. Luckly I was able to borrow my fathers band saw which made the going a lot easier. I followed the technique in the book for marking out the frames. There is an alternative method shown in Woodenboat Magazine No. 151. Even though I was careful with my marking out I had to fine tune the cut. All my frames are fully glued. I used temporary screws through the hull to hold them in place while the glue cured.

Although it is a little out of sequence with the book I installed the guardrail next. The guardrail runs along the top plank and adds stiffness to the top edge. The photos show the guardrails glued in place with just a little bit of finishing of the round to complete.

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