The Launch

Launch day was 28 January 2002 (Australia Day long weekend). That is just under three years since I ordered the first lot of timber. Tracey's and my family turned up to watch the long anticipated launch.

These two photos show Imogen all rigged and ready to go. While she should have positive buoyancy to start with I've strapped fenders under the forward and aft seats for safety. I'd have hated to loose her first time out.

She went in at Colmslie Recreation Reserve on the Brisbane River. The wind was off shore and a little light the start with but picked up during the day. She seems to handle quite well and easily take two adults and two small children (it light winds anyway).

A few things were learnt on this first outing. The tiller as detailed in the book is probably too long. You can't sit on the aft seat except on a constant heading. Though it is perfect for sitting on the floor, which would be the way to go if you were on your own. Also the oars are a little long. Both the book and the oar leather kit instructions gave a length for the leathers from the handles of the oars. However the oars cross over making it very awkward to row. I'm going to cut about 200mm off each oar. The bit of shot chord I got to hold the dagger board down was not strong enough, I'll have to try a heavier guage.

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