Step I - Molds

The first step is to set up the molds, transom and inner stem. (I didn't get a photo of this stage, so here is a copy of one of the sketches in the book.)

The hull of the boat is made up by bending the planks around the molds and fixing them to the transom and stem. It is really important to get this right, because it determines the shape of the boat.

One of the few places where the book lets you down is here. The exact placement of the transom is not given, I lined it up with the end of the ladder. Also the slopes given for the transom supports differ to that given later for the skeg and for the rudder. I used the transom setup slope. Here is one of the places that the book could use a copy of the plan to check setout.

I made the molds from particle board and structural pine as suggested in the book.

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