Step V - Remaining Side Planks

Once the bottom is complete the remaining two planks can be fitted.

Like the garboard this is a two person job. Damon helped me fit all four remaining boards over two days.

The hard bit here was cutting the gain in the lower two planks. In lapstrake planking the planks overlap along the sides of the boat but finish flush at the transom and stem. This is done by planing a gain into the last foot of the lower plank.

In the bow picture you can see the coating removed near the stem. This is another small mistake in the book. The stem is 1.5 inches and the planks 0.5 inch. The inner stem is planned back so the planks tuck in behind the outer stem. The book says to plan the inner stem back 0.5 on each side, which I did, but this needs to be a little more. Because the plank comes in at a angle it is a little thicker than 0.5 inch. To fix this little mistake I used the belt sander to profile back all the planks.

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