Thank you

Well I finally got there but I could never have finished with out lots of help and support along the way. I especially like to thank:

Tracey (my wife)
Firstly I have to thank her for letting me spend all that time working on the boat. On numerous occasions she was a much-needed extra pair of of hands. She also help me make decisions about how things should look or be finished. Thank you Tracey.

Oscar and Cooper (my boys)
Both boys have sat for hours happily watching me work. At just five months old Oscar would lie in the boat watching me fit frames. They have both tried to 'help' me work and have both been relatively understanding that daddy was working on the boat and not playing with them. Thanks boys I hope we will now spend many hours enjoying sailing her. And maybe build another one together when you are older.

Colin (my brother)
The list of things I have to thank Colin for is enormous. There was the loan of many tools, expert advice, picking up timber, difficult jobs and the hours and hours of work. He helped me from day one to the last coat of paint. That help included setting up the moulds, fitting the chines, rolling the boat over, cutting out the forward and aft seats, the scariest job cutting the hole in the hull for the dagger board trunk, the huge job of putting the fabric on the hull, spraying all the coats of paint on the hull, cutting out the rudder, cutting out the dagger board, fit the rudder, cutting out the name plate, apply the final clear coats and many other little jobs. Colin I could not have finished it without your help. Thank you.

Damon (my bother in-law)
I also borrowed tools from Damon. Plus he helped me with some important jobs. He spent two full days helping me fit the two top planks each side. He also helped me fit the mast including that scary job of cutting the whole through the forward seat and mast partners. Thanks Damon your help was much appreciated.

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